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Soundscape your Landscape!
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At Mountain Song Wind Chimes we warmly encourage you to 'Soundscape your Landscape', and to consider the quality that the song of our chimes will bring to your unique environment. We know well that every 'sacred nook' is different, and each will benefit from special soundscaping to enhance its ambience.

Wherever possible, our preference is to create your wind chime especially for you and the place you have reserved for it. With seven ranges (sizes) of chime available, so many different tuning styles, and options for windcatcher shape and engraving, you'll appreciate why it is our sincere wish that your chimes should be as you want them.

Our wind chimes are hand-crafted in the beautiful Upper Yarra Valley, east of Melbourne, Victoria. We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation, and pay respect to elders past, present, and emerging. We are blessed, humbled, and thankful to live and work here, which is why Mountain Song Wind Chimes are "Humbly made in Australia!"

Seven Ranges

Mountain Song Wind Chimes are available in seven ranges, from 20mm (~3/4inch) to 64mm (~2-1/2inch) diameter: Deborah; Anna; Hannah; Rebekah; Susanna; Sarah; Sheba. Longer chimes give lower notes, while an increase in width and thickness enhances richness, resonance, and sustain. Deborah and Anna are smaller and higher in pitch; Hannah through to Sheba are able to produce ever-deeper tones.

For all but our smallest chimes, any chime set may include between five and eight notes. Each aluminium chime is polished on a lathe before hand-finishing to a natural, satin sheen. The 'gentle simplicity' of the natural finish compliments the ruggedness of our chimes' construction.

Wooden parts are typically cut from Australian hardwoods. Finished in a water-based polyurethane coating developed for marine applications, our materials have the toughness required to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Sarah Chimes

Catching the Breeze

The windcatcher - aka 'sail' - swings below the striker of the chime set, acting to harness the wind and use its power to sound the chimes. Proportioned according to the range of chime for which it's made, the shape will typically be from a choice of teardrop, heart, mandorla, or circle.

But it needn't end there! If you have a shape of windcatcher in mind that particularly appeals to you, let us know. If we can find a way to create it, and if it can be made to work aerodynamically, we'd be delighted to give it a go.

One or both sides of the windcatcher may be engraved with an inscription of your choosing, and can include an illustration as well as text. We engrave on-site, and the small additional cost for it includes artwork-proofs for your approval before we undertake the work.

Philosophy - Our Modus Operandi

If manufacturing for you is simply a matter of peg A into hole B and a quick "whack!" with a hammer, then we're done - do not trouble to read further!

If, though, you sense that something of the craftsperson can be embedded in his or her work, that their philosophy finds its way into the end product, then be assured that we 'work mindfully' in the crafting of Mountain Song Wind Chimes.

In particular, when completing a piece that has been commissioned especially for 'an occasion', we hold in heart/mind/spirit/prayer – whichever word works for you – the individual(s) whom the work celebrates. In a mass-produced world it is difficult to grasp and explain exactly why this is important… it just is.

It would be our hope not only that you enjoy your Mountain Song Wind Chimes, but that they would find their constant place in the backdrop to life's major moments,and become for you a touchstone; a place of encounter.​

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