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Sounding Out
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Naturally, we do what we can to make Mountain Song Wind Chimes visually appealing but - if we're honest - we know you don't buy them primarily to look at! How will they soundscape your landscape! ... that's what you want to know.

For all kinds of reasons, chimes (and many bell types for that matter) are particularly difficult to record well. Older clips are often re-recorded for ongoing improvement, and below we present "today's work-in-progress." We recommend you wear headphones when listening, as this will bring you closest to real-life chime sounds. Concentrate not only on each chime as it strikes, but on the 'hum' that continues between the notes... for chimes with great sustain, that's where the magic is.

For convenience the chimes for demonstration were mainly recorded in the Rebekah range, and any may be rendered in virtually all of the other ranges, as explained below. Chime sounds recorded from other ranges have often been 'grabbed for audio' just before wrapping and shipping. There's a brief word against each link that tries to describe something about the sound; an impossible task probably, and likely as helpful as "big shaggy nose" is to telling you how your wine tastes. Nevertheless we've given it a shot.

Selecting how your chimes will sound is without doubt the trickiest part of the process; we appreciate that and will try to give whatever assistance we can in helping you to make the right choice. Oh... and if you do feel you got it wrong after the event, please let us know - we can take steps to fix it.

Standard Tuning Options - Rebekah

We don't really have 'standard' tuning options - you can ask for any notes you like!* But simply as a place to start from, we offer the following audio clips, recorded using our Rebekah range of chimes. They may be reproduced in any of our ranges** - richness, resonance, and sustain are enhanced with increasing chime size.

*Notes derived from western musical systems, other systems, or defined by frequency (Hertz).  **Deborah options are limited; for Anna range chimes the notes will be rendered in a higher register.

Pentatonic Scales

Thinking of the black notes on a piano keyboard, pentatonic scales are a variation of any five note progression....
it all just depends where you begin!

G-A-B-D-E-G' [Min5 : Max6]

Pentatonic Major Rebekah
'The chime sound' - joyful but gentle. Φ

A-C-D-E-G-A' [Min5 : Max6]

Pentatonic Minor Rebekah
Minor, but not morose - more contemplative than solemn. Φ

G-A-C-D-E-G' [Min5 : Max6]

Blues Major Rebekah
Raising the third gives the major scale a cool twist. Φ

A-C-D-F-G-A' [Min5 : Max6]

Blues Minor Rebekah
Laid-back minor. Φ

G-A-C-D-F-G' [Min5 : Max6]

Suspended Rebekah
Blues major with groovy 7th! Warm, 'wide' sound. Φ

'Ninth' Chords

Chords with an additional ninth note (octave plus one) are used everywhere, and especially in jazz and blues, to give a real lift to the underlying major or minor triad. The four 'ninth chords' here offer the triad with the ninth, plus a sixth or seventh.

G-B-D-E-G'-A' [Min5 : Max6]

Six-Ninth Rebekah
The Beatles: She Loves You;
the song's very last 'YEAH!!'

G-B-D-F-G'-A' [Min5 : Max6]

Seven-Ninth Rebekah
Dominant seventh makes this the 'cool ninth'.

G-B-D-F#-A' [Min5 : Max5]

Major-Ninth Rebekah
Triad, ninth, and the major seventh - a soft, warm uplift.

A-C-E-G-B' [Min5 : Max5]

Minor-Ninth Rebekah
Minor triad, minor seventh... gentle, meditative, relaxing

'From Life'

Tuning possibilities that have suggested themselves from the world around us... musical themes, 'real bell' imitations, sounds from nature, and spiritual chants.

G-G#-C-D-F-G' [Min6 : Max6]

Indian 'Raga Bairagi' Rebekah
'Raga': melodic framework for improvisation; this is one such.

G-G#-C-C#-E-G' [Min5 : Max6]

Japanese 'Hirajoshi' Rebekah
A tuning of the koto (Japanese stringed instrument)

G-C-D-E-G'-A' [Min6 : Max8]

Clair de Lune Rebekah
Opening notes from Debussy's much-loved tone-poem.

G-C-D-E-F-G' [Min6 : Max8]

Church Bells Rebekah
It's as if you were right there in the bell tower!

G-D-G'-A'-B' [Min5 : Max5]

Westminster Chimes Reb'kah
Big Ben and the four quarter bells - unmistakable.

[Min5 : Max8]

'Aum' Chant Rebekah
Most popular tuning of our deep chimes - goose bumps.

Higher Notes - Deborah and Anna

Our smaller chime sets, recorded in the upper registers; the chimes' notes are typically higher in pitch. Deborah range is available in pentatonic-scale major and minor tunings only; Anna may draw from any option, transposed so that no note is lower than G4/392Hz (we'll liaise with you to make sure your choice is workable).

C-D-E-G-A [Min5 : Max6]

Pentatonic Major Anna
'The chime sound' - joyful but gentle.

A-C-D-E-G [Min5 : Max6]

Pentatonic Minor Anna
Minor, but not morose - more contemplative than solemn.

C'-D'-E'-G'-A' [Min5: Max6]

Pentatonic Major {High} Anna
One whole octave above the more usual PentMajor tuning.

D-E-G-A-B-D' [Min5 : Max6]

Pentatonic Blues Major Anna
Listen carefully - right key, six chimes, it's Amazing Grace!

C-D-F-G-Bb [Min5 : Max6]

Pentatonic Suspended Anna
Still a warm, wide sound, but meditative in this higher key.

[Min5 : Max6]

Japanese 'Hirajoshi' Anna
Koto tuning, in a higher register.

High, chirps! #5
[Min5 : Max8]

Bellbird Anna
A mob of Bellbirds (Bell Miner)! From a special commission.

Lower Notes - Hannah and Susanna

Hannah and Susanna chimes sit either side of the Rebekah range, with slightly less and a little more resonance to the chimes' tones, respectively.  Hannah extends the range below Anna, where notes lower than G4 are required.

C-D-E-G-A [Min5 : Max6]

Pentatonic Major Hannah
Octave below Anna's regular PentMajor - can be lower, too!

A-B-D-E-F# [Min5 : Max6]

Pent'nic Blues Major Hannah
Deeper register is cooler still, in this bluesy A-major key.

C-F-G-A-C'-D' [Min6 : Max8]

Clair de Lune Hannah
Change of key for Debussy's much-loved tone-poem.

G-G#-C-D-F-G' [Min6 : Max6]

Indian 'Raga Bairagi' Hannah
'Raga': melodic framework for improvisation; this is one such.

G-A-B-D-E-G' [Min5 : Max6]

Pentatonic Major Susanna
Old favourite, new lower key.

Aum,G,#5 [Min5 : Max8]

'Aum' Chant Susannah
More depth, more resonance.

Deeper Still - Sarah and Sheba

Among the deepest notes and the richest chime sounds commercially available. When you learn that a Sheba chime set might weigh-in at around 20kg, you'll understand why our sustain can be measured in minutes!

G-A-B-D-E [Min5 : Max6]

Pentatonic Major Sarah
As Susanna Pent-Maj, yet with more resonance and sustain.

A-C-D-E-G-A' [Min5 : Max6]

Pentatonic Minor Sarah
Deeply contemplative.

E-B-E'-F#'-G' [Min5 : Max5]

Westminster Chimes Sarah
Like standing next to the restored Elizabeth Tower.

G-G#-C-C#-E [Min5 : Max6]

Japanese 'Hirajoshi' Sarah
Koto tuning, low and moody.

Slendro Demung [Min6 : Max6]

Indonesian Gamelan Sarah
Balinese traditional ensemble music.

From 528Hz,#5 [Min5 : Max8]

Solfeggio Series Sarah
From a commission, the five higher notes of the series.

From 174Hz,#4 [Min4 : Max8]

Solfeggio Series Sheba
From a commission, the four lower notes of the series.

[Min5 : Max8]

'Aum' Chant Sheba
Sheba's warmth & richness in the Aum tuning - can go lower!